Windows PC Only Paging Client

SNPP Internet Paging Client Software will allow the sending of up to 230 characters to an alpha-numeric pager. It is limited to 20 characters to a numeric pager.

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Step One Paging Client

The name of the file that you need to download is "isc_clnt.exe". After this file is downloaded, it must be installed on the PC you wish to use for paging our subscribers.

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Step Two Paging Client

After the "isc_clnt.exe" file has been downloaded into your PC, open Windows Explorer and click on the drive and folder that the file was downloaded into. Double Click on the Icon or file labeled "isc_clnt.exe". This will open a "ZipCentral SFX-32 Self Extracting Archive v2.00" window. Click on the "EXTRACT" button. The Illinois Signal SNPP Internet Paging Software will be installed on your PC in an Illinois Signal (ilc) folder.

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Step Three Paging Client

You know, like click the icon and send a page!